Brienne Ivanson

Fighter/Inquisitor Former Gray Maiden


Average height but of a stocky build, this ulfen woman has close shorn auburn hair and blue eyes. Her face, though young, bears scars that don’t seem to be from battle, but from a harsh brand. Her plate armor is well-fitted for a female form, and obviously of a particular uniform stock.


Brienne is the daughter of an ulfen fighter, Ivan, who was cursed by a witch into a woman. After the shame of being cursed was too much in their homeland, Ivanka moved his/her children to Korvosa. Brienne grew up learning to fight for herself, and it attracted the attention of the Grey Maidens – brainwashed and scarred warrior women of the mad queen Ileosa. After seeing a young recruit killed for not submitting to her ‘training’, it broke their control over Brienne and she fled Korvosa to find a more peaceful home.

Along her way, she encountered a small girl haunted by her own past. They formed an uneasy companionship, traveling together to the faraway country of Taldor. Unfortunately, neither can escape their pasts. Instead, they will attempt to face them together.

Brienne Ivanson

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